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1.Pokemon Snap Edit


A Pikachu will be standing on the sand just after Doduo. If you have Pokemon Food, you can throw a few and lure it towards the nearby surfboard where you'll get the Surfing Pikachu Special bonus. If you have Poke-Flute, play it and Pikachu will let out a few bolts of electricity for extra Pose points. As you approach the patch of flowers further on, throw Pester Balls to try and flush Scyther out. Doing so will cause two Pikachu to run out onto the tree stumps just after the flowers. Snap a picture to get the Pikachu on a Stump Special bonus. Again, play the Poke-Flute to cause both Pikachu to jolt some electricity.


There are three Pikachu on this course. The first one you encounter, however, will give you the Pikachu on a Ball Special bonus. Take a picture of it and it'll run off. Take another picture of it and it'll hop onto the nearby Electrode. The other two Pikachu appear by the large egg and by Diglett, and don't give any special poses to the Pikachu you've encountered previously.


Just before the end of the level, you'll spot a Pikachu popping in and out of a tree stump on the left. Hit it with a Pester Ball and it'll bolt out in a flash of sparkles. Snap it racing around for the Speed Pikachu Special bonus.


You'll see Pikachu in the distance as you approach Weepinbell, but a Zubat will come and snatch it away. Using your awesome aiming skills, bombard the Zubat with Pester Balls and hopefully one of them will hit. Zubat will drop Pikachu, and Pikachu will deploy a several safety balloons before floating to the ground - take a picture of Pikachu with the balloons to get the Balloon Pikachu Special bonus.